mltool: regression tool

mltool is a simple Learning to Rank tool to build a regression tree based ranking model. Currently mltool supports simple CART and Random Forest. The implementation is strongly inspired by rt-rank, but it lacks the support of Gradient Boosting Regression Trees.



Despite rt-rank, mltool provides:

  • A parameter to set the seed for the random number generator to make the training deterministic
  • Serializable model
  • Show feature information gain statistics at the end of the training
  • Can be used as an API

Some highlights compared to other Random Forest implemented for Python:

  • The implementation of the Random Forest makes use of numpy and it is quite optimized
  • Parallel Random Forest training


Install from PyPI using pip:

$ pip install mltool

Now you can run mltool:

$ mltool -h


The documentation is hosted by Read the Docs at the following url:


  • add support for Stochastic Gradient Boosting Regression Trees
  • add support for simple regression and/or classification (i.e. not just focus on ranking)

User Guide

mltool can be used as a command line tools. This part of the documentation covers each command supported by mltool.

API Documentation

mltool can be used as a library for prediction or for building your own custom models.